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HMP Made Products: Cheez Crisps

HMP Cheddar Pepper Jack Mozzarella 3-Pack - SOLD OUT

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HMP's 3-pack sampler is a triple-threat delight of flavor, nutrition, and sustainability. 

Try our premium plant-forward, all-natural, HMP Cheez in Cheddar, Pepper Jack and Mozzarella today!

Delicious HMP Cheez is a tasty & healthy alternative to traditional dairy.

Our products are the first slice-able, shred-able, melt-able HMP Cheez on the market.

HMP Cheez is based on our proprietary Hemp Milk with a variety of curated natural flavors. 

All our products are proudly vegan, lactose/casein, gluten and GMO free.



Dairy Free, No Lactose


Gluten Free, No Soy




Contains Probiotics